Model form for right of withdrawal

Send an email with the subject Withdrawal request and fill in and copy-paste below form in the message section of the Contact Form and I shall refund your payment as soon as possible.

(This form should only be completed and returned if you want to withdraw from the contract or subscription(s))

- To:

  • Studyland
  • Netherlands
  • CoC nr.: 59734426

- I/we* herewith inform you that, in respect of our contract/subscription regarding

  • The sale of the following products: [description of the product}*
  • The delivery of the following digital content: [description of the digital content]*
  • The supply of the following service: [description of the service]*

I/we* exercise our right of withdrawal.

- Ordered on*/received on* [date of ordering services or receiving goods]

- Invoice number of the order

- [Consumer(s)’ name]

- [Consumer(s)’ email address]

*Delete or provide supplementary information, as applicable.